Amr Diverted Gun Threat


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Mar 27, 2002
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Here's some 1st class reporting for ya. What percentage of "NUTS" do we fly each day?? My guess would be in the 12 - 15 percent range. You??


Dow Jones Business News, 08/19/02
American Airlines Flight Diverted On Man's Weapons

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP)--A flight by AMR Corp. (NYSE:AMR -
News) American Airlines to Miami was diverted moments after takeoff when a passenger
told others that bringing weapons aboard planes is easy in the Dominican Republic,
authorities said Monday.

American Airlines Flight 680, carrying 225 passengers, left
Santo Domingo at 9:45 a.m. Sunday. It was diverted moments
later to Puerto Plata, a city 135 miles to the northwest, as a
precautionary measure in case the man was armed.

"The Dominican passenger told another two passengers, in his
limited English, that boarding a plane in Dominican airports
with a weapon is really easy," said airport spokesman Ellis
Perez. "We don't know what the two North American
(NasdaqSC:NATK - News) passengers understood, but they
told the crew, and the pilot decided to go to Puerto Plata."

Upon arrival, authorities searched the plane and all passengers.

Police detained the passenger, who was not armed, in Puerto
Plata. He was being questioned by the Dominican National
Investigation Department with assistance from the FBI, said
Gen. Fernando Cruz, director of the Dominican investigation

"We are interrogating him here (Santo Domingo)," he said. "He doesn't have any prior record but we have the impression we
are dealing with a nut."

No charges have been filed.

The plane, an Airbus 300, left Puerto Plata on Sunday afternoon and continued on to Miami.