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AMF has already repositioned one of the EMB-120's (the one that covered MSY-CVG) to SAT to cover the SAT-LRD run. As far as the crews are concerned, they are being offered TDY reserve lines on aircraft for which they are qualified on.

One rumor is that if the other 2 EMB's are not needed by DHL, AMF will try to sell these planes on UPS routes on the West Coast.

No idea what's going to happen with the 227's, but I've heard there is a need for more down in San Juan. However, I can't imagine they would be able to put an additional 7-9 aiplanes to work.

The E120 from msy in not in san antonio, it is in cvg on reserve. We also lost three other stations as well, all metro's. The latest from dhl is that there will be work in wilmington for most, if not all of the current cvg fleet. But, it will be after sept-oct '05 before we know what exactly that means.
What exactly happened? Lost the contract to other carriers, or lost it due to the shift to a new hub for DHL/ASTAR?

Somebody that works for AMF in CVG please PM me....I'm wondering if I know anybody that's still left there(I worked there 6+ years ago).
FracCapt here's what happened:
DHL/Airborne merged, same routes for the most part, now double the fleet. Bottom line they are flying their own birds to almost all the cities we at AMF serve.
We're ceasing operation Sept 9., put in some bids for work out of wilmington, doubt that we get many if any.
System wide we're losing many DHL runs, so furloughing, although AMF has never let anyone go for lack of work, is a huge possibility and many of us are looking at other companies.
A little more detail. Basically ABX Air flys from ILN and ASTAR flies from CVG. We fly the ASTAR freight from CVG to cities that are also served by an ABX DC-9. Once ASTAR moves to ILN in Sep they won't need us to mirror the 9 because all freight will originate from ILN. There's talk about us picking up some outstation to outstation flying, or possibly new cities out of ILN, but DHL isn't telling us anything yet. Knowing DHL it won't be a smooth and immediate transition like they're saying, so anything could happen. A few of the pilots here have left for other jobs or other AMF bases, so the open runs are being covered by the reserves in CVG. I know other bases have been turning down new work due to a lack of crews and/or aircraft, so while it is always a possibility I don't see any furloughs happening. Going to be an interesting summer, that's for sure.