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Amf Cass

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V Murdda...
Apr 13, 2004
Anyone with more of an inside scoop than I have know if AMF is still pushing forward with CASS? I heard in my class several months ago that it was something we were doing, but haven't heard anything since.
I think it's kinda like the 121 certification of the Brasilias. 4 or more years ago: "121 in 6 months", 3 years ago: "We are working on it, and from all viewpoints, it looks about 6 months away", 2 years ago: "some frustration involved, but we and the FAA seem to be going along well with the process, and should be complete in 6 months", today (probably): "6 months away".

Good luck on the CASS thing! Really.
According to the latest memo I've seen (May) we're in the "final stages" and will be up as soon as the pilot program is over (sometime this month it said). Management is pretty good with the "any day now" carrot, so we'll see. We gave up the 121 thing because it cost too much and supposedly there's some bill in Congress that will eliminate the 135 wt restriction, or at least raise it to a more workable level. Once again I'll believe it when I see it.

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