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Amerijet Strike

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Low Level Pilot
Sep 3, 2003
This message is to update you on the status of our negotiations at the end of the cooling off period.

Sadly, it appears as though talks fell through at approximately 6:30pm tonight. The NMB issued a supposal to both parties this morning in an attempt to avoid a strike. The TA was for 4.5 years with recessionary pay on our already abysmal pay rates. Our representation and pilot group has stated that they will not accept a contract that is not at least industry standard.

Amerijet pilots will strike!

We are to be released Thurday morning at 12:01 AM (Aug. 27). The strike will be called at some point after that time. I will do my absolute best to notify the members of this board of our strike in a timely manner.

We ask that you and your fellow pilots respect our picket line. I do not have to explain the consequences of crossing our line or flying our freight.

We are representing the entire industy and we need all the help we can get. I invite you to join our line and walk alongside us to better our industry. Independents, IBT, and ALPA members will be welcome to join us in uniform. We have letters of support from every unionized cargo carrier in the country.

Updates to follow. If you have any questions, please post them here so others can get the information they need.

X2 on the good luck. I know it can be an easy decision on anyone's part in these difficult times, but you guys have been through to hell and back.
Now or Never,
Stand for what you believe in.

Those who cross the line do at the risk of being label a scab for life. To be looked upon as a scumbag for the rest of their careers. Long live the list.
Let us know where and when y'all will be picketing... I am sure quite a few of us will be willing to join in and support the entire pilot group.
Way to go guys, good luck. I hope management comes to an agreement cause you all have been putting up with substandard pay for ever.

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