AmeriJet pilots/Teamsters Strike


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Sep 18, 2004
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That is sooo wrong! It takes disrespect to a whole new--lower-- level. In the race to the bottom Amerijet management must be in the lead. :mad: Kudos to the pilots for standing up for themselves--and indirectly, all pilots. Best of luck to them! Thanks for sharing the link, HB.


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Jun 27, 2007
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they got toilets...

Fort Lauderdale-based cargo airline Amerijet International has agreed to a four-year contract with its unionized flight crew, resolving a two-week strike.

The contract is the first for Amerijet's pilots and flight engineers in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters after five years of negotiations, both sides said.

Unionized pilots and flight engineers voted 35-3 Sunday to ratify the accord, settling a walkout that began Aug. 27 over wages, benefits and working conditions.

The new contract includes raises, a new sick leave policy and requires toilets on all cargo planes, according to members of Teamsters Local 769 in Miami.

Amerijet flies freight mainly between Miami and the Caribbean and Latin American region. It also provides trucking, shipping and warehouse services.

Unionized flight crew make up roughly 60 of its 550 employees, said marketing director Christine Richard.

Amerijet said it has been operating with other flight crew during the strike to maintain services.