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Well-known member
Jan 27, 2002
Questions for those in the know. I just got an e-mail from the manager if pilot recruiting to send in an on-line applicaton, after I had sent a resume. Is this standard operating proceedure?

Also, what are the chances of getting to the left seat of the EMB-120, or the training dept. Is it all based on seniority? What is the captain pay on the Navajo? Also, anyone who is currently working there do you like it, and are the planes well taken care of?

Any help would be appreciated.

I received the same email about a week and a half ago from the manager of pilot recruiting. I'm still not sure if he sent it out to everyone who applied, or just to certain applicants.

I have a good friend at Amflight who became a training captain on the Piper Lance after being there for about 4 months. According to him, if they have open positions in the training department, they will post them and you can bid for that position.

Maybe someone from Amflight can post more info on the other questions.

Good luck!
I got the email last week too. Does anyone know what average upgrade time from the 402-the 99 and them from there to the 1900 or Metro Captin.
well, first off I think the email goes out to any qualified candidates, so they can get you put in the database. Navajo captain pays 1881 per month after three months. The emb 120 is just like all the other a/c, when there is an opening it goes out to bid and the senior bidder gets it, not sure what kind of seniority it takes to get right now. Upgrade times are variable by base, and are pretty slow right now, but seem to be picking up. BE-99 probably be 1 year or so, and metro or 1900 two years, but it changes all the time, and can be cut down if willing to change domiciles, and fly some of the more unpopular runs.
First, second and third year captain pays are:

Metro & 1900 $2741, $3001, $3089 per month

EMB-120 $3509, $3645, $3748 per month

BE-99 $2167, $2414, $2539 per month

Lear Jet $3774, $3869, $3965 per month

There is also an annual turbine retention bonus,
7% for metro and 1900, 5% for the BE-99 and EMB-120, 4% for the lear
I have an interview with them this Wednesday in PDX for the 402. Anybody have any insight to the interview process, likes/dislikes? Any info would help.

Low and Slow,

I think that the interview at Ameriflight is pretty straight forward.
I wanted that job, and I live in PDX but I am short about 25 hours total time. I know several people who fly for them. I think if you go in there knowing the regs and systems of the plane you are most current in, you should do fine. You have the time, just relax and do your best. The guys I know flying there like it for the most part. You used to be able to upgrade to the Beech 99 pretty quickly, but with the industry the way it is now all of the turbo-prop drivers are staying put until things open up. Think of all the multi PIC you'll get. I wanted so bad to go to a regional, but the way things are, I'll end up doing some 135 work, which is perfectly alright. Good luck with your interview

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