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Well-known member
Apr 1, 2002
being jobless i've been looking for work. I recently went into Ameriflight and thought things sounded pretty positive. Talked to the Chief Pilot and turned in an application. Was really thinking that the interview would be sometime last week... but ive heard nothing. Anybody with any info on this company please let me know. I already know what kind of flying they do... but how bout the skinny on upgrades, payscale, work environment ie: the kind of people and quality of maintanence...

thanks in advance.

I have a good friend flying for Amflight based out of Phoenix. Most people start out in the Lance. Upgrades into the Chieftian are running around 5-6 months or so. I believe upgrading into the Beech 99 is running a little over a year or so.

I don't think they are doing much hiring in Phoenix right now. The most hiring seems to be going on in Oakland right now.

If I were you I'd follow up with a phone call or another visit with the Chief Pilot.

HOpe this helps.

Good luck!
Good place to work.. buzz Jerry Clark again, I'm sure they'll get ya in.

Good bunch of people. I flew out of BUR, OAK, and PHX, and I gotta tell ya... everywhere I went, it was fun. The only place I didn't quite like as much was BUR during the day. But I had a night run, and BUR night crews were awesome.

If the industry came to a screeching halt if I was still at Ameriflight, I wouldn't have any problems flying for them for a few years...

Have fun over there... and follow up with a call to Jerry Clark.
thanks... Jerry huh? i think i met him the day after i met Kurt (the chief pilot) but you know it could have been Ken... err i just glanced at his badge, should have asked, anyway, he said he wasnt the guy that did the hiring, but that he was that guys boss... his badge said "Flight Crew" could this be the same guy?

i followed up with a phone call twice on the same day, about a week later... dont want to be a pest.

thanks for the info folks... keep it coming!

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