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Ameriflight EMB-120 question

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Hi Folks,
I just took a look at AMFlight's website, and noticed that they are adding Brasilias to the fleet. Any idea if these are replacing the Lears or augmenting the fleet?
What is the hiring prospects for the next 6-12 months there and where are the Brasilia crews domiciled? I'd appreciate any gouge you freight dogs might have...Thanks and fly safe.


We have had the Brazilias online for over a year now. The EMB 120's are based in CVG right now serving DHL out of there CVG hub. I believe there are 3 online right now, however, we will be getting more. The next base to get them will probably be ADS there is also talk of putting one in BFI.

The Brazilias are used for DHL in addition to the Lear that is used to move bank work around the country.

As far as I know we are hiring at this point, most new hires go to the Lance out of OAK or BUR some to PHX. If you get on in PDX you will probably go to the C-402 or Chieftan. There really isnt much movement right now, however, when the regionals begin to hire again I believe there will be a lot more movement within the company. It is very possible if you are willing to move to be in a Metro within 1-1.5 years.

Hope this helps.

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