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Ameriflight DFW

duc driver

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Aug 12, 2005
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im looking at moving to the dfw, does anyone here have any info on the types of aircraft based there and what the pilot turnover is like.
any and all info will really help.


El Capitan
Nov 25, 2001
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DFW has Metroliners, one or two Chieftains and I think one BE99. There are also a few EMB-120's, but I believe most of, if not all are outstationed.

I"m not sure how pilot turnover is. Every few months you'll see a few openings there, followed by a few months without any openings.

Good Luck!


The Last Starfighter
Aug 30, 2004
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most of the cvg pilots either found other metro positions throughout the compnay (as having extra metros allowed us to pick up some more runs), and the others moved on. there are still four metros and two e120's based at cvg.

as for DFW, we have three chieftains (all outstationed), four e120's (3 outstationed, and one on tdy to SAT), 1 99 in san angelo, four metros (3 reserve and one on a dhl run in SAT), and one 1900 in laredo. we are in the middle of a lot of change right now with pilot turnover/new positions at the base. those openings will be filled from within the company first, and then to newhires. if you want to step into a DFW chieftain then things might be looking good for you. the chances of stepping straight into some turbine equipment in DFW is slim to none unless the need is downright dire or we can't get anyone to take an e120 right seat position.
hope that helps.


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Jan 30, 2003
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T-Gates said:
Exactly what are the 4 Metro's and 2 Bro's in CVG doing? Flying DHL still out of ILN?

120's are flying for DHL. One to Charlottesville,VA and one to Memphis. Both a/c fly into ILN. 2 Metros are standby for DHL and stay in CVG unless called out. The other 2 Metros are being used for ad hoc charters and have so far been pretty busy doing it. Right now we have one crew for each 120 and 4 Metro drivers, plus two management pilots who can cover both the 120 and the Metro. We may be looking for one or two more Metro pilots as the charters are keeping staffing pretty thin. Don't quote me on that though.