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Jan 28, 2002
Hi everyone:

Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this. I was hired at American last July with an October class date. Obviously, because of 9/11, all classes were cancelled. I was wondering if I still have a shot at being rehired or do I have to completely reapply. I have heard from some folks that I have to completely reapply. That would make not too much sense to me since they knew what kind of person/pilot they were getting. Also, background checks on folks like me should be minimal when they begin to rehire. I heard they shut down the pilot recruitment department. I apparently have no one to contact on this matter. I know that rehiring is way out in the future, but it would be nice to know if I still have a shot at getting back there. Thanks in advance for the input.

For those of you who were waiting for a class date, here;s the answer to your question. This is from Ask & Answer

I know this is a long time away, but when hiring resumes, does AA have any plans to bring in the people who were hired (passed interview, medical) and awaiting a class date when the furlough occurred, or would those in that position have to reapply when pilot recruitment opens up again. Thanks in advance.

A couple of things will determine AA's policy when hiring starts. The first, as you pointed out, is the length of time before AA hires again. The second is any new regulations that might be a product of the September 11th events.

Obviously the longer period that passes before AA hires the greater the chance candidates will have to reapply. At a minimum, the medical will no longer be valid and the candidates experience gained during AA's non-hiring period will need to be reviewed. Also, we can predict with some certainty that new government hiring regulations/requirements will be in place which must be met making it hard to predict future requirements.

Kathy Gilmore
Flight Department
It's anyones guess

I agree with the above post. Also I think most airlines will have some kind online app. by that time. AND HOPEFULLY NO FEES!!!!!
and no upas aeps airinc. crap.

Time will tell when the "pearly flying job gates open again"

As a side note and unrelated but here it is. A few weeks ago I saw Monica on an HBO documentary talking about the whole "big whilley" cigar thing. They showed clips of stuff happening at the time (mid to late 90's) and I was thinking to myself about the jobs back then but how most people were ashamed on america an such bla bla bla and I thought I'd never be wishing for that time compaired to what we have now.

Happy Flying
I'm in exact same boat as Marcus 727. I sincerely hope they do the right thing and don't make us reapply. That would be low. I understand they may have to redo or continue the background check, can you imagine doing the sim, interview and medical again... Since AA has to re-evalute it's business model, I have a feeling we won't have to take the physical again. SWA doesn't do it and they're making a profit. The medical dept. has to cost them alot of money.

Also, I don't have another $100 to reapply. I gave notice at my current job at the time and they didn't let me stay on. Very vindictive industry this avition is.
I think you guys will be OK. It will be less money for them to bring you in to the company with just the additional background check. I do hope the company will do away with those stupid physicals. A class 1 medical should be good enough. I had to do the physical at TWA and it was brutal. They probed every hole in my body. TWA did away with the phisical the last year pilots were hired. They said the Americans Disability Act would not allow TWA not to hire anyone because of what they found in the physical. I hope you guys get to work real soon. Don't get stupid and beat your wife of get a DUI before you come to work. Do that after you are off probation. .JUST KIDDING!!!!!

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