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American Fighter Pilot now a TV series

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Mud Eagle

Dec 2, 2001
You all may have seen the "Eagle Driver" trailer that has been making it's way through the flying community, a teaser for a "real action" movie about new guys going through the F-15C B-course.

Well, apparently it's going to appear on CBS in 2002 as a reality series called "American Fighter Pilot."

While I'm glad that it's going to reach a wide audience, I hope that CBS doesn't water the content down too much...but I know they will.
You mean like they did in "Pensacola - Wings of Gold" tv series. Or what I like to call it "Bay Watch with jets". hate to burst your bubble, but it will be as watered down, fake, but still kinda fun to watch as they come.

The 95FS where I currently fly is the squadron featured in this series. The producer, Jesse Negron, originally had a vision of a documentary along the lines of "Hoop Dreams", but with aspiring fighter pilots as the subject matter.

He has focused on 3 students from this particular class, and is attempting to tell the stories of their successes and struggles. After leaving Tyndall, he did some similar work with the US Navy. I flew several rides, including one with a trailer featured debrief, with one of these students.

I hope the final product does justice to the hard work it takes to get through these training programs. If you've seen the trailer--you know there is some neat footage and good stuff. However...the trailer is 3-5 minutes (depending on version) so we'll just have to see how the long story plays out.

There was a meeting at Pentagon with PA folks early this month. They (some said surprisingly) did not want the bar footage of singing and and partying removed. Some of us (myself included) were afraid they'd over sanitize that part. At least for now--looks like the documentary will try to capture some of the "warrior rituals" that accompany the training program.

Word is show will be on 24 Jan in Survivor's timeslot. Tune in and take a look. If we look cool, I'll tell you which IP I am....if not I'll just deny the whole thing! :D

PS--One of the original proposed names was "Eagle Rage". That might have also be an appropriate name for some the the combat operations going on worldwide at the moment.

Fly safe,

AF Movies

And I thought "Iron Eagle" was the only real Air Force Movie....

You mean it's hard to fly a fighter???

Albie we both know that the version on TV will be far more watered down than we could possibly stand....
Hey Albie...I went through the TX course at the Boneheads back in 96 as a Navy exchange dude. I still know a few of the bro's around there. I saw your post about Auburn and asked Kooler Krumm about you. I now have a PID on you...hah. Dick F'ing Tracy, huh?

Anyway, are they going to do the standard act where they take the one female out of the 150 B-coursers at Tyndall and do an expose titled "Women Fighter Pilots....just as good as the guys as long as they can cry in the debrief and get 25 X-rides with the commander before they pass the course."?? If so, stock up on barf bags.

The media really has a hard time getting their arms around the level of commitment it takes to pass a course like that with only a couple hundred hours total time. Plus, they have to fit the whole tale into whatever time slot they are allotted. I'm pretty sure they'll goon it up properly.

I hope you get a chance to read this before The Enemies of Free Speech ban it for sexist content.
Its about 3 dudes, and the producers intent was to show how much of a grind it is to learn this game--how it is NOT Iron Eagle, etc.

There is some seriously NOT politically correct stuff in the trailer and in the footage I've seen, but I of course have no idea about they will edit/compile the final product. I'm hoping it isn't a "puff piece" and so far I am encouraged. I think the post 9/11 feeling is that maybe, just maybe, saying F@*k and teaching people to KILL their adversary aren't such horrible ideas anymore. Again--I guess we'll know in Jan/Feb 02.

Kooler is a world class good sh*t. The Eagle community is better for him--as was AU.

Are you onboard with the current SWA network/gouge? I tried unsuccessfully to lure Kooler away from the evil clutches of the USAF. In the end, the Jax Guard offered him what he considered to be a BBD (Bigger Better Deal). Sooner or later we'll get him, though. Anyway, Kooler knows where to find me if I can be of assistance.
Isn't almost *anything* involving flying with the guard a "BBD"?

I got the chance to fight against the FANG this past summer during COMBAT ARCHER...great group of dudes.
I work at a news station (ABC affiliate) over here in Panama City, Fl and we featured "American Fighter Pilot" on the news one morning. When I saw the story I was so happy to hear that it was finally coming out. I knew about the guy on base doing a documentary but wasn't sure when it was going to air. If anybody knows where I can see the trailer, let me know.


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