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American Eagle Hiring Times

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I interviewed there about a month ago and as far as i know theyre still hiring.....last i heard mins were around 1000 and 100...got picked up by chq so i never accepted a class date but it seems like a good place to work....esspecially if you want to relocate to puerto rico....jk...good company...pretty stable as far as im concerned...itll take a decade to upgrade but there are defanatley worse places to be....GOOD LUCK!
dude..i was trying to be nice...i can name one much worse place to work than Eagle..its sitting in the right seat of a Cessna 150 with some 200lb mother f$%$er whose paying you 10 dollars an hour.....id much rather be at eagle than that......there are defanatley MUCH better places to be...which is why im not there....however...if i were a 1000 hour CFI, which I was not too long ago..idve been more than happy to go work for eagle and fly there nice equipment.
I applied to Eagle at about 1030/135 and was offered an interview. That was last Nov.
VERN said:
Does any one know around the hiring times at AE or if they are actively interviewing?

there are two classes a month of 10-15 each indefinitely.

lately ORD EMJ and SJU ATR seem to be the rage. LAX SF3 will be coming due soon.

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