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American Air Network

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Nov 26, 2001
Has anyone leased an airplane from American Air Network and flown freight? I have heard that they do this, you base where you want, lease their airplane under their 135 certificate and bid on freight as you see fit from several different websites. If anyone could shed some light on this please let me know on the forum or pm me.

Thanks in advance!
If you get any info in reference to American Air network could you email with it? I am very interested in this.
I see they have a web site, but it is not up and running yet.
I think they are just a certificate holder with an airplane or two of their own. Owners piggyback on the AAN certificate (for a monthly fee, of course) so they don't have to go through the ordeal of getting their own. That's what I think they do there, anyway. That's what we did with ours, but with a different company in Florida.

To get hired there, you would have to find out who owns the aircraft and talk with them. You might be able to get AAN to let you know who's on the certificate.
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i just saw a brochure where ALPINE AIR in provo utah is offering a similar program with beech 99's and 1900's.

they have some kind of seminar on july 17

you pay like 10 percent down to buy the plane
That doesn't sound bad at all. Would like to run a BE90 or BE200 or Lear if they have anything like that I would be extremely interested.

Anyone familiar with Hallairways? Hallairways.com

I own an Aztec and was thinking of the possibilty of putting it under Hall or perhaps someone elses 135! Can this be done?

Hall Airways

I have spoke to Joshua Hall a few times. He will email you all the particulars in reference to going on his certificate.
You will have to fly the Aztec down to Texas were it goes through the 135 inspection, and then the pilot will have to take a 135 check ride. I think he told me its about a 3 week time frame start to finish.

Thanks for the info.

Do you know if any maintenance that needs to be done can be done where I'm based or is Texas the designated locale?

Also, I'm curious about your 135. I've looked into possibly starting up my own but the paperwork seemed intense. I guess no pain no gain. How was your process?


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