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American air network no more

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
The FAA has exercised it's emergency authority to revoke AAN's certificate. The NTSB heard their appeal today and sided with the FAA. There will be a lot of pilots looking for work as well as companies looking to park their planes on another cert. Good Luck guys.
Used to operate on there certificate were did you get this info from just curious of the source.
Damn, I read this wrong. I though it said Air America network is no more.
Its true. I had a friend flying Ronnie Rentajets Lears. They were booted right after my friend got ramped and violated in SoCal. That happened a few weeks ago.

He told me the other day that AAN's certificate had been revoked and there were a few pilots, himself included subpoenad (sp?) to testify on AAN's behalf. Apparently the FAA is cracking down on air ambulance operators, and this was part of it.

I didn't know that the NTSB had upheld the emergency revocation, but its not all that unbelievable. Funny thing is I think they were trying to get it together a little better when all this happened. I was hearing of more and more oversight from them to ensure they had operational control over the aircraft. I know when I was on the certificate, they tried, but still let our DBA get away with a lot. That was about around 3 years ago.

Wonder if the 10 grand wonderkids will get a refund. That's what got me away from them. Someone wanting to be paid to fly a Junky Lear can't compete with someone who'll pay to do it.
Any info on what the revocation was based upon?
Lack of operational control. There may be other things as well, but that's what I understand from my friend that was there.
American Air Network argued that they had operational control. . and I believe they did. . . but the NTSB law judge ruled that they were operating contrary to 8400-83.

The NTSB Law Judge ruled that the FAA has the right to change policy (vis a vi Notice 8400.83). He could only make a ruling on that specific guidline. That means that the FAA changed their policy with Notice 8400.83 as it was written (without further guidance) and has the right to revoke AANI's certificate based soley on that policy.
What companies have been operating under that certificate? They are going to have to scramble to get on other certificates, I guess American Air Group and a few others will be getting a lot more business.
I think they had operational control over everything but maintenance. There were some awfully crappy airplanes on that certificate, and they seemed powerless to get them in good shape.

The whole incident a while back involving pencil whipped checkrides didn't help either. Looks like the Feds had a few things they didn't like, and this is what they were able to pop on.

Airline Certificate Information - Detail View

AMERICAN AIR NETWORK INC Airline internet site Not available FAA Designator Code ESUA Certificate Number ESUA268D Years In Business 19 Certificate Issue Date 07/07/1986 FAA Office ST LOUIS FLT STDS DIST OFFICE FAA Office Phone Number (314) 429-0374 Airline Information Airline Address 18369 EDISON AVE. STE. 200
Operator is doing business as 1. WORLD AIR INC.
Make/ModelCount BEECH BE-200 1 BEECH BE-58 1 CESSNA CE-500 9 CESSNA CE-501 1 CESSNA CE-650 3 HWKSLY HS-125 1 ISRAEL IA-1124 1 LEAR LR-25 2 LEAR LR-31 1 LEAR LR-35 9 LEAR LR-36 1 RAYTHN RAYTHN-390 1

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