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America West Hiring?

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While things at AWA appear encouraging, keep in mind that only half of the remaining furloughees are being recalled this month. Rumor has it that the rest should be back Aug-Sep timeframe. As far as what happens after that, there are two theories currently being "bandied" about -- a) there will be new hiring to make up for attrition; and b) all previously furloughed are "migrant" workers who will be furloughed once again once Bombardier fixes its little "labor problem" and Mesa gets its 700s/900s.

Either way, should be real interesting! Hope to find out more info next week. If there's anything worth posting, I'll share. Till then, cheers!
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Looks like they may need two more pilots. Just saw on the news 2 AWA Pilots arrested in MIA after pushback. Suspected of drinking.

Turned in by airport screeners.

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