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Amerflight Pilot Schedules

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Mar 15, 2002
To any of you Ameriflight pilots out there. Since you are a freight outfit are you flying a 5 on 2 off schedule? I was just curious how they can have you based in CVG, but every night you come in from and out station and then go back out. Do they leave you on the same route ie CVG-ROA all week or all month or do they rotate you around the cities out of CVG?

Also, will you be getting more EMB-120's or is 3 the magic number?

most runs start at your out station Mon. night, and run through Sat. AM, if you are out stationed. If you fly out of one of the bases, your schedule can be fairly random, but it depends on which base. CVG is fairly fixed, you end up flying the same run all the time, except for the EMB-120s, those rotate.
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as far as the EMB-120s go there is a possibility of more(3-5), but it depenends on them getting some contracts signed. TX most likely.

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