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Alpine Air....Opinions?

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Prowling for BBQ....
Dec 10, 2001
After talking to my Air Inc. counselor, He told me that they are now advising some low time folks to look at "All options to get multi and turbine time" Since the place I am now got rid of their multi trainer, I am no longer getting any multi time, plus I have very little anyhow. I looked into the Alpine Air BE-99 FO program and am wondering if it would be worth it to get 500 or so hrs of turbine time through them although it would take most of my resources to do so. Just wondering if anyone went through the program and what they thought of it. Any opinions would be appreciated! Thanks,
Alpine Air

I believe this outfit is located in Provo, UT. They sell the right seat of a Beech 1900 for what I think is an outrageous price. All of that time might not even qualify as SIC, let alone PIC. I have no personal experience with Alpine, but I would think the guys on this board would have some better suggestions than a pay for training arrangement.

Hey guys I know how difficult its now to get the multi time, but you should not let those very greedy low life poeple that run those programs, take advantage of you. Be patient and you will achieve your goals , keep in mind that the industry goes in cycles and hopfully upcycle will start some time in 2002. best of luck to all of you .:)
Forgot to add that with the current situation in the airline industry if you have any flying job you should be OK. at least you flying and building hours until things eases up.

I'm not sure if the Alpine program is PFT or not. In my book, if they can dispatch the aircraft without you on board, then it's not PFT. If you want to pay to build multi-time....that's you business. If you are taking a legit job away from a required crewmember...then it's PFT. PFT is looked down upon by many in the industry....do a search here for more info.

Interesting that Air Inc would support "all options to build turbine time"...that comes close to saying "we support PFT". Why would you pay Air Inc to give you career counseling when you can ask questions at this board and get a greater variety of inputs to make your decision from. If Air Inc is supporting PFT then they are not doing a good job of giving career advice....IMHO.

I assumed it was a PFT operation, because I also assumed a BE 1900 required two crewmembers. Also, I assumed you could not log the time as even SIC if two crewmembers were not required.

So basically, you are paying them to fill a seat they would have to pay a qualified SIC to fill otherwise. I haven't seen an ad for them in awhile--last I saw, they were trying to lease out their aircraft to anyone wanting to operate under their 135 license...
"After talking to my AIR INC counselor"

:( :( :( :( :( :(

I wouldn't want an "Alpine Air" PFT position on my resume....
Everyone knows what it is, you cant hide it.

Will it get you ahead quicker? I doubt it, but certainly not worth the stigma.

Keep looking for work, look everywhere, be willing to move across country in an instant. You WILL find a job, and by lord, they will even PAY YOU to fly!!!!

what a concept.

Talk about digging up some old bones!!! I originally posted this in Jan. of 2002!!! Nearly 2 years ago!! How long do these things stay on here?? I obviously did not go for that scam of SIC time logging. It looked good, following 9-11 when insurance co.'s were jacking up premiums on twins and flight schools were dropping them, but I stuck with it, Freelanced all over the place got enought twin time and got a corp gig before doing the PFT thing. Thank God I learned early on what a scam PFT is, along with Air Inc.(No longer a member, by the way) Sheesh...I can't believe this thread is still alive!!! For God's sake someone hijack this into a BBQ thread PLEEEASE!!!!
Re: WOW!!!

TX_Pilot said:
For God's sake someone hijack this into a BBQ thread PLEEEASE!!!!

OK... What is the best BBQ you have ever eaten. And you can only pick one so think real hard....

Sky "BBQ-Jacker" King:cool:

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