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Alpha Eta Rho brothers?

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Well-known member
Feb 20, 2002
Just wondering about the upside of being an Alpha Eta Rho brother. I joined the other day and just courious!

What college are you attending? I joined Alpha Eta Rho when I attended Salem College in Salem, W.V. At the time, it was just another excuse for us to get together for a cocktail and tell aviation stories. Most of us only had our private or commercial ticket so we tended to stretch the truth a little.

I haven't given it much thought or looked into what, if any benefits could be had from former members. Good Luck.

I wasn't AHP, but I was D-Chi. If I had to do it all over again, I probably wouldn't. It's a whole bunch of false promises ("yeah, we got brothers at all airlines the connections are everywhere" just an example). Don't get me wrong, I made some great friends, it just wasn't my cup of tea.
I was also in Alpha Eta Rho during college. So far I don't believe my involvement in the organization has helped me in any way to obtain a job or any other benefits. I agree with pappy - just a reason to get together at the pub and tell stories over drinks. I have heard that there was at least one chapter of AHP that owned a 152 or something for its members to get some time in while they were in school.
I was in Alpha Eta Rho & Phi Theta Kappa at Ohio State (Aerospace Eng, 1994), and at Davis College (Toledo, Ohio) when I was working on my second degree in Aviation. :)

I'm at South Dakota State Uv. in Brookings, SD.........
If you & your friends want to get drunk for no reason at all, people think your a bunch of alcoholics...But if you & your friends also happen to be AHP members, then its considered normal and accepted...

Thats about all there is to it
AHP here at Riddle got in trouble recently for alcohol at a Rush event. Not a frat member I don't have the time with all the flying that I do.

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