ALPA's Dead!


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Jan 7, 2004
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Northwest also wants to start its own regional airline. But pilots for the regional airline would not come from the current ALPA seniority list who currently fly for Northwest. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal Wednesday, pilots at the new airline would be able to be members of ALPA, but they would be forced to fly at rates much lower then existing Northwest pay scales.
The new carrier could fly planes with no restrictions, and wages would be similar to those at other regional airlines.
Ramp workers are not exempt either.

From an airline management perspective--just as we said here a couple of weeks ago about the mechanics--you can be assured that Northwest is not operating in a vacuum here. If the airline is successful in getting even some of what it is asking for, in terms of its quest to outsource as much of its workforce as possible, the ramifications of these moves for the rest of the industry are going to be significant.

Ripping apart the existing union relationships at the airline, and, as a result, the union's seniority-system business model, is clearly an objective of the airline.
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