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Aug 9, 2003
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92% of ALPA-PAC-Supported Congressional Candidates Win in 2008; ALPA Members Give $1 Million to ALPA-PAC for 7th Consecutive Year

WASHINGTON, DC – The ALPA-PAC Steering Committee announced that the 2008 ALPA-PAC Annual Giving Campaign reached its goal of raising $1 million in voluntary contributions from U.S. ALPA members. The participation rate remained at the 2007 level of 14 percent, or roughly 6,000 pilots, with an average annual contribution of $168.61. Roughly 92 percent, or $920,000, of the revenues came from the ALPA-PAC checkoff program.

ALPA, through ALPA-PAC, also played an active role in the 2008 elections, contributing just over $2.1 million to 320 federal candidates for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Of those candidates, 294 won, meaning that 92 percent of all federal candidates who received ALPA-PAC’s financial assistance were successful on Election Day. No ALPA-PAC funds were spent on the presidential campaign, and no ALPA national treasury funds were used in connection with any federal elections.

In announcing these figures, ALPA President and PAC Chairman John Prater congratulated ALPA-PAC’s loyal and generous supporters for delivering, once again, the funds needed for “us to help dozens of our long-time Capitol Hill allies, as well as 35 non-incumbent candidates, to victory on Election Day 2008. Because of ALPA-PAC’s historic giving, we ranked second among 37 transportation unions and 12th among the nearly 4,500 federal political action committees in contributions to federal candidates.”

Prater added that the involvement in last fall’s elections placed a serious strain on ALPA-PAC’s financial resources. The 2009 ALPA-PAC Annual Giving Campaign is already under way to rebuild these resources and be ready to respond as candidates start filling their campaign war chests for the elections in 2010, 2012, and beyond. Prater reminded ALPA members that “the new political climate in Washington, DC, holds numerous opportunities for ALPA to drive our legislative agenda forward. Now is the time to ramp up ALPA-PAC and make the voice of pilots heard on Capitol Hill.”

In 2008 the PAC checkoff program once again provided the foundation for the success of ALPA’s political fund-raising efforts. With 5,400 U.S. ALPA pilots enrolled in the checkoff program, ALPA-PAC can count on a steady and dependable income of almost $76,000 each month.

ALPA-PAC checkoff programs are operating at the following 16 pilot groups: Alaska, American Eagle, ASTAR, Atlantic Southeast, Continental, Delta, ExpressJet, FedEx, Hawaiian, Mesa Air Group, Mesaba, Northwest, Piedmont (former Allegheny pilots), Pinnacle, Spirit, and United. The pilots at Compass Air will be starting their political payroll deduction program in the near future.

ALPA-PAC was established by the ALPA Executive Board in 1975 to strengthen the voice of pilots on Capitol Hill and in the executive branch of the federal government. ALPA-PAC accepts voluntary contributions from ALPA members who are U.S. citizens, and it uses these resources to provide campaign assistance to pro-pilot candidates running for federal elective office. ALPA-PAC donations are not tax-deductible nor a condition of membership in ALPA.
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