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ALPA Lawsuit

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Flt 525

Active member
May 27, 2002
Check out www.rjdefense.com for a lawsuit against ALPA. It is the largest suit versus the union in its 70 year history. It involves Comair, ASA, and Delta. There is unrest among the big boys!"
I don't get it...

I thought regional carriers could fly whatever they wanted, where ever they wanted, and whenever they wanted. It's only when painted in "Mainline" colors are they subject to "Scope" issues.
What rock have you people been hiding under? This is the most talked about, debated, hashed and re-hashed, posted and read subject on this and just about every other aviation forum. You act as though this is news???
Considering the news release has an August 5, 2002, date on it, and is the FIRST of TWO planned lawsuits, I would say that's news. Maybe not to an ALPA member who knows his dues are now going to go toward defending a suit that may have some merit. Will the strike and furlough funds dry up? Will dues rise? Don't you think that smaller planes, i.e. RJs, are the wave of the near future? Maybe another change is to eliminate the Hub system and let passengers go point to point. In my experience, and I know yours too from looking at your flight hours, it takes about the same time to HUB and go!! What say you?
I say do a search on this board. All those questions will be answered over and over and over and over from every point of view.....ad nauseum.
This showdown was unavoidable ...

Being overly simplistic ... as soon as the RJ was not just a COMAIR, ASA, ACA issue singularly ... it became a big deal for ALPA.

It's not surprising as one 'pioneer RJ carrier' began the ball rolling, the rest of the mainline managements saw an opportunity.
They could 'give away' underperforming mainline routes to RJ carriers (like AE ... who are owned by AA) or in DAL's case to COMAIR (who at the time were not owned or controlled by DAL).

Now ... look at USAirways.

They have three carriers that are owned: AGC, PDT and PSA. I worked for AGC and I saw little interest by either USAir's MEC or USAir's management to provide a flow-up or jets.

Quite the contrary ... in the name of reducing 'exposure', USAir went and contracted with MESA, CC Air and others to respond to the changing market desires ...

You can well imagine that this policy endears the pilots of the Wholly Owned(s) to the mainline MEC. Their new extortion program (Jets for Jobs) has forced the WO into a sickening position.

It's not too surprising ... given the dues structure of ALPA. When it comes down to it (read ... in bad times like we are experiencing today) ALPA will logically align itself with the mainline pilot groups. Randy Babbit (sp ?), Duane Woerth (sp ?) are handcuffed. I don't see how, given the predatory disposition of the current environment, ALPA can represent both sides (Mainline and OTHERs).

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