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Aloha Update?

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They find out Tuesday if the TA is passed...If it is $100 million infusion and new owners.
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ALPA has been given a Tentative Agreement to vote on. Vote closes early Monday morning. If it passes, and I believe it will, we could technically be out of bankruptcy as early as Wednesday. Anyone want to bet it don't go down that way? I'm giving odds.....

Before you ask, the TA was ok....not good....not overly bad....we kept most of our workrules and our pay (ha! you call this pay?) and lost a few things like paying 20% of our medical premiums up to certain caps. Single guys are in for $50/mo which comes from pretax so more like $37 or so.

These new guys are loaded, I just hope they do something with us for a change. I feel like a beat dog with no one to bite.....

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