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Allegiant comes to PSM

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Well-known member
Jan 12, 2004
Wonder what the old man thinks of that?!

I think the QOL at Allegiant is pretty good, BUT!!! I live in LAS. If you are/want to commute the sked's are not very good for you. Since we do nearly 99% day trips on both sked and charter service, a crash pad in base is ESSENTIAL!!! If you move to LAS or SFB (or RNO or IFP for that matter) you can enjoy plenty of time off and home every night. As we continue to grow we are running out of room to park RON a/c in LAS, we sort of expect more overnites sometime in the future, but no one knows where or how many. There is a rumored possibility of running LAS and SFB crews thru the overlap cities for those bases, into the other base for an overnight, ie: LAS-DSM-SFB and ron or vise-versa. Again, I can't emphasize enough that its currently all speculative rumor. The pay is so-so, if you've make more somewhere else and got laid off, you will probably not be too happy with it, on the other hand if you are slaving at a regional, the pay and upgrade time will be fairly attractive when combined with the sked's. It really depends on what you want from life and what your expectations are...:)
I interviewed at AAY Yesterday, Aug 30th. I was quite impressed with the operation and I've got my fingers crossed! 24 more pilots this year. They are saying 10 aircraft a year to be added indef. Good growth planned. I like it..
Are most newhires able to bid LAS or is it becoming a senior base? How many MD80s vs. MD87s? Are the MD80s EFIS equipped?

Nice to see some growth out there...
I had the resume "walked in" and it took about 2 weeks for the CP to call me. 2 more classes this year of 12 each.

The way they explained it, most new hires will go to LAS. A few will go to Sanford, but Vegas is by far the largest base. They led me to believe if you want Sanford, it may take a few months.

There were 4 of us at the interview. 1 furloughed TWA, Me (DHC-8 Capt), and 2 Indy Air FOs.

Like I said, my fingers are crossed.
Currently only 2 MD87's in SFB, the rest are 83s. All except 1 are EFIS, however our pool from SAS has dried up. We are getting 5 83s from former JetsGo, all low time/late model and EFIS. After that, anyones guess. One rumor had us getting 'light weight' 87s from someone in Spain...Iberia i think, but that was a very weak rumor. There are apparently some more JetsGo a/c available, we will have to see what shows up on the ramp in our paint scheme. The one non-EFIS a/c is ex AeroMexico/ex Alaska hangar queen. Rumor had us getting one more but now maybe not. Stay tuned...

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