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Allegheny Reaches Restructuring TA

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Cabin Heating & Air Tech.
Jun 5, 2002
US Airways' wholly owned subsidiary Allegheny
Airlines announced today that it has reached a
tentative restructuring agreement with its pilots,
represented by the Air Line Pilots Association. The
agreement is subject to ratification by the union's
400 members and Allegheny's Board of Directors.
One thing not mentioned in that little tidbit is that the ALG MEC within 48 hours of losing our MEC chairman, had completely reversed their previous stance (with advise from National ALPA and current Mangement) and went against the pilot groups opinion that we would give nothing without somekind of guarantee of a future! National ALPA with the help of scared mec's has turned regional airline pilots into little whores for ML pilots.
Anyone know any specific details of the T/A? As my future in this company (as well as, possibly, commercial aviation in general) hinges on this, I am curious as to what this means for the future of ALG. I'm sure it's a crummy deal overall, but it didn't sound like any of the alternatives were very good.
USAIRWAYS Wholly-owned pilots - We are now the whores we despised!! We NEVER have the right to look at, or speak of any other pilot group (Mesa, TSA, etc...) as something we are not! We have become what we once most despised........we ARE NO BETTER THAN THEY ARE!!!!!


As a fellow wholly-owned pilot I dont think we EVER had that right. The Mesa, Chautauqua, TSA pilots were simply flying what their management told them to.

Fly plane. Get check.

They are no different than you or I, and they are simply trying to make a living.

If you want to be mad at someone...be mad at management for whipsawing the groups...be mad at the MECs for not negotiating stronger scope-language... be made at ALPA for allowing this two-class system to be created over the years.

But dont blame a fellow pilot for something that they had no control over.

A better statement has ever been made...Now that there seems to be a better understanding of who gets TOLD what to do and who has an INFLUENCE over being told what to do, maybe there is the possibility of combining forces to JOINTLY insure the future, is at hand. Infighting by some, has apparently made anyone who flies the North Atlantic after Charles Lindurg did a scab and whore...Wake up people, whipsawing is the new kneecap busting of regional pilot groups, and USAir management has, for now, the upper hand. Mesa combined 4 USAir carriers into one 6 years ago.(Crown, Liberty, AirMidwest, Mesa,) Imagine if they were still independant! Clearly, the joining of USAir Express operators, in SOME form of collective allience, is the only way a post BK USAir will take ya seriously. Until a unified Express vision takes place, no one group will ever "get ahead" for very long. Our leverage is in numbers, that may result in some less than ideal near term solutions, but look over the horizon folks. Siegal is a RJ guru and it ain't no secret what the future holds. Play to the stregnths and minimize the weaknesses or get run over while we bicker over each others honor. This is basic block and tackle stuff and it's not even half time.......Do something folks, because whining it ain't Sep 10th anymore is pointless, but doing the same thing over and over, expecting different outcome, is the definition of insanity. Somethings has got to change, or the change will be dictated to us, not negoitated! Fly safe......
Wait a min!

The pilot group still has to vote on this whole thing on sept 6th you know what will happen if we still do not have any guarantees.Which you know **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** well that we won't so we will be right back where we were. Too bad that we can't merge the 3 WO's for this gang fight. The pilot groups need to make more noise this could be it, don't wait until we are on the street. Do what brother BOB would do" GET UP STAND UP STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS"! I do not want to work for Measa type wages, nor do I want to be put on the streets by some Mainline puke that never wanted to give us a flow though but now wants to take my job.Well I"ll just shut up and grab my lube while ALPA has it's way with us, once their done I think mainline is next, then I will light up a camel and start over some other place.

I'm one of those whore pilots to who's level you have been forced to descend. I truly sympathize with your misfortune and your anger at the forces that have placed you in your current predicament. I truly hope that your path levels out and becomes less rocky.

You know nothing about me. You don't know how I got to my current job, why I am in my current job and why I have not moved from my current job. I will say that it's a good thing (for me) that I turned down the offer I got from a mainline carrier last year.

The whore carriers you so despise are evolving, just as the industry is evolving. It was coming anyway; it was just hastened when the towers fell and the Pentagon burned.

When the industry reaches equilibrium again- and God knows when that will be- the pilots of smaller airplanes will be making more than they are now, the pilots of large airplanes will be making less than they are now, and the pilots of big airplanes will be making more than the pilots of small ones. It won't resemble what we had before, but things will be as they should be until the next cycle in the industry.

I hear the word "whore" so much, but it departs like the proverbial liquid from the proverbial waterfowl.

I will continue follow the directions of my pimp management because that is how I feed my children. Food is lower on Maslow's hierarchy than the esteem of my peers. At the same time, however, I and my fellow whores will continue to raise the bar. Maybe someday we can all be a brotherhood again, instead of the dysfunctional rabble we have become.

My sincere best wishes and prayers to you and your comrades in the trying times ahead.
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Brother Francis,

Great post. Just great. Very well said.

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