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Allegheny Phone Number?

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Where's Pancakes House
Nov 26, 2001
Hello y'all. I sent my stuff to them 2 weeks a go and usually I call the companys I apply to right around now. Trouble is I can't find a phone number there on their web site. If somebody could help me out and give me the number, that would be terrific.

Thanx a bunch!
Allegheny Phone Number


The number for the Allegheny is 717-944-0158. That will get you the receptionist, who can then transfer you to Human Resources or one of the assistant chief pilots.

Good Luck!!!
Allegheny Phone Number


Sorry, my mistake. Actually, the Allegheny number is 717 948-5400. Don't call the first one...they won't know what you're talking about!
Thanks Airbrush!
Big announcement at Allegheny next month. Rumor is Allentown base opening back up.
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