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Allegheny Interview Information

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Dec 13, 2001
Allegheny Interview Information ?

I have an up coming interview in January, and was looking for the most recent interview information. I know there has been several interview dates since November 28. I have checked the other gouge sites, but they are old info. There's got to be some recent interviewies out their. Thanks..... :)
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I am looking for some recent gouge about ALG too if you get some let me know...all I have come across is before 9-11 and going back to year last .

Recent ALG gouge on WFFF

Thanks for responding to my inquiry on recent gouge on Allegheny..which WFFF website are you refering to ? what's the url ? post it..it would appreciated very much..

Chupacabra @ large
This is the address for willflyforfood

I interviewed with Allegheny early December. After company briefing, very easy multiple choice test, compiled of ATP questions. Mainly weather, IFR ops, etc. No specific ATP questions like part 121 alternate minimums or how many flight attendants. Dont waste your time studying the whole barage of ATP questions just concentrate on the general stuff. To fail this test you really have to be somewhat of a dumb ass.
Next is a very laid back 2 on 1 interview with Michele (HR) and Pike (Chief Pilot). It lasted about 15 minutes and was mostly small talk. Michele asked ifI had applied with anyone else and why I wanted to work for Allegheny. Pike asked what if I was South West and asked to hold East of a fix what kind of entry would it be. What would you do if told to hold and given an EFC of 45 minutes. Can you continue an approach if you are insude the FAF and weather goes below minimums. When can you descend out of the MDA. No systems questions, but be prepared for questions on your current aircraft.
They are both really nice, laid back people who seem more interested in getting to know what kind of person you are than trying to roast you with an endless line of questioning.

I did not hear anything, so I called after a week. I was told that I was placed in the pool, but did not get the January class date.
Something about a delay waiting for the FAA to clear me for sim training because I am not a US citizen.

Hope this helps

Good Luck!:D

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