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Allegheny Expansion and hiring

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Nov 28, 2001
I know that Allegheny is hiring, at least two classes for December, but how many more? I think that they are going to be picking up flying that US Airways mainline has dropped. I have also heard that they are getting five or more dash-8's. Has anyone else heard this?
I talked to a friend of mine who is in capt school right now and he mentioned that they are getting more aircraft, from where I don't know. I have an interview next week, and I know of one other old coworker who has a jan 9th class date. hope this helps.
Allegheny expansion and hiring

I was talking to Human Resources about a week ago regarding a friend's application, and I was told there would be about five classes over the next couple of months, varying in size from 5-6 to 10-12 pilots each. She didn't give me solid numbers, and that wasn't really the point of the conversation, so I didn't ask. But another conversation with one of the training department instructors indicated that they expect to be busy for the next few months, with sim time booked all the way through to June so far.
We are getting 10 more aircraft, according to Asst. Chief Pilot in the next couple of months. We have 16 slots open for FOs and 10 for captains next month which is a lot for us. There is a lot of growth here right now.
Allegheny ex.pansion and hiring[


I've heard much the same. I just hope that when we start running 50+ aircraft and lines of flying, they restructure the dispatch office. I ran 54 lines after the merger in '94, and believe me, if there was any weather, ATC issues, or multiple mechanicals (sometimes all of the above!) it could quickly became more than one individual could keep up with. It's like trying to solve a huge Rubic's Cube while several people are throwing things at you at the same time! Guess we'll see soon enough. It's nice to be on this side of the industry, rather than where several of my soon-to-be-furloughed friends are!

I used to work at ALG and remember those awfull days. It was hard on the crews and I can only imagine what the dispatchers and schedulers were going through.

I read somewhere that BWI may be re-opening as a crew base. Think it will happen? I'm currently enjoying some time off thanks to USAirways. One option is to return to ALG. Just trying to find some answers.


Your Dash-8 print still hangs in my den.

I've heard people talking about BWI reopening as a crew base, although I would think Piedmont might be more focused there given their current presence. But it could very well happen, since US Airways has once again courageously fled in the face of competition and left BWI hanging. And those new aircraft have to go somewhere....
Depending on your seniority, you might be "enjoying" a lot of time off.
I'm glad you like the print! The new one is out in the current paint scheme.
I'm curious...who is this anyway?
Piedmont in BWI

Piedmont won't take BWI as a crew base. We just opened one up in roanoke and don't even have enough people to add an additional base. We are supposed to hire 120 more pilots by the end of the year thoug so who knows.
When I was interviewing I was told they were thinking of opening up another base in the NE, possibly ALB. Any rumor to that ? Hey any ex-ALG guys coming back, I'm in the Jan. 8th class and could use a solid sim partner. Cheers ! :cool:
There has always been a rumor that they are going to open an Albany base. It would make more sense to open a base at one of the mainline hubs. The rumor is that they must open another maintenance base if they go over 50 aircraft. The lastest rumor from the guys that turn the wrenches around here is that SYR is going to be a maintenace base. You can never believe the rumors here until they are boarded up and have left the gate.;)

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