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All Eagle Furloughs....

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Active member
Feb 22, 2002
Hey ladies and Gents.....If you are on American Eagle furlough and have a letter, or are in a pool at another airline......don't come back here! Here's why.....
1) You go to SJU for a "very" long time. SJU and MIA may be sold by January? Your in SJU and MIA for ever. Whoever buys you may screw you are sale you off again, or even liquidate you.
2) American is rumored to furlough 1000-1500 more pilots----if this happens, 300 flow back pilots come to Eagle to be jet CA's.
You know what that means? Add 4-5 more years to jet upgrade! And also a very long extended ASM cap with more turboprops grounded and more pilots furloughed!!! You will hit the street again.

Here's my suggestion......if you have no job offer, go ahead and come back...whats to loose. BUT-Keep looking for other work!
If you are in a pool (even a long pool) at another airline, keep it,, don't come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Morale sux here - especially with this Trans States / Chit deal. If arbitration goes well, the connection dudes are history (3-6 months) lets keep our fingers crossed!! Think about all this real hard....TRUST ME.
Look here dude. Just because you set sail on sinking morale ship with Eagle dose not give you ammunition to blast out at Connection pilots. They have families as well and had no say so in the merger that brought this about. Just like you they are trying to make a living.
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Chill out dude......all of us 2700 pilots have our reason for our views. I am not blaming anyone at the connection, I am blaming AMR management. But as I said before......it isn't going to last much longer. Don't worry - you guys still have other connection agreements....you'll be fine. So are we cool again?

By the way...this post was for Eagle furlough pilots only.

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