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ALL ATPS flight training

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dew pylot

Plain old member
Jan 18, 2002
i am writing to gain some insight about all atps training programs. i am seriously considering their "total twin training" program. this program offers 190 hrs in a seminole and ME flight sim and com amel/asel, ins rating, me, and initial cfi. i would appreciate any input that all of you have to give (good and bad) regarding this program and the company itself. i dont want to get caught in something that wont benefit me in the long run. thank you in advance.

one of the guys at the fbo where I fly attended recently and stated it was like drinking from a firehose. All in all though he was satisfied with everything. Know it's second hand but maybe it will help.
All Seminole training

I like the idea of logging 190 hours of multi during training. Don't be surprised if you find that commuters will be demanding 500 hours of multi when hiring resumes. You'll have a great head-start and it won't appear as if you bought the time after you had completed training.

I understand that that place trains people in ninety days. Be sure you are the type who can handle intense, accelerated training. It's not for everyone. Intense, accelerated, "firehose" training is what you can expect in the airlines, but sometimes it's not the best thing when you are earning ratings.

Good luck with your training.

See also the above posts under "ATP's training aircraft."
I would suggest also checking out Ari-Ben Aviator, Inc in Fort Pierce, FL.

They have a professional pilot program that will give you all ratings from multi-private through MEI. Price is $24 995.

For that price you'll get 200 hours in the Beech Duchess and about 20 in a 172. No simulators. It's a great program.

It normally takes about 6-7 months to go through the program.

Good luck!

By the way, it's www.aribenaviator.com.


I did ATP. Three months will get you thru but you will do nothing but aviation 7 days a week until you finish (no family or girlfriend). I ended up with 150 hrs of multi time a good start to your career since multi time is the hardest to get instructing. You have to be a self starter to get through the program. They provide all the books and vidios but it's up to you to learn the material. No spoon feeding. Besides the multi time and the accelerated pace (3 months) the thing that got me was that they provided a place to stay.( factor in housing and utilities to the price of any other place your looking at) Don't expect much but it will prepare you for the crash pads along your career.
ATP Experience

Dew Pylot:
Check your private messages.

The above posts are right on. I also did the program. I had a very positive experience. All my ratings were finished in 100 days and I walked away with about 120 hours of multi. Be careful on what you read though about the "190 hrs of multi" because atleast 50 of that is time in the flight simulator which you can't log. Atleast that's how it was when I attended 1.5 years ago.

The cost is still a very good deal though it is about $7k more now than when I did it. The cost includes housing and all your lodging expenses when away from home. The above post about the program being like drinking from a firehost is correct. But its a good way to experience what new hire training might be like when flying for your first airline.

Good luck!

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