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All ATP,s......ATP Rating

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Well-known member
Oct 1, 2004
Just wondering those of you that have used these people to get your ATP, which location seems to be the best in your opinion. As far as schedule, are they really able to keep it to 2 days? Any trouble scheduling the examiner?
Ant advice is good. Maybe an All-ATP instructer can give an opinion.

I went to the one in the Dallas area (I forgot the name of the airport).

I found it to be challenging yet do-able. You will definately be tired by the time the whole thing is over.

Day one was the written, which consisted of sitting in front of a computer for about 7 hours straight.

The next day was the two practice flights, then a sim in the evening.

The next day was the checkride. I saw no problems with the scheduling. I just handed the old fart my 400 in cash and flew the ride.

If you have prop time with variable pitch, it shouldn't be that tough. I flew all jets and found the whole feathing thing new.

Good luck. It's like Embry Riddle...pay your fee and get your B.
Had a couple of local flight instructors go to the Dallas (Arlington) location for the ATP written and ATP check ride. It is as advertised and if you apply yourself you will have your rating when you leave. Study the pre-ride material and have it memorized....they said for the two day program you must be proficient on the instruments. If not they have a longer program but not sure haw many days it is. I think it would be money well invested. Get it done and move on. Good Luck.

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