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Nov 26, 2001
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I am starting my multi training on Monday with All ATPS in Phoenix. If anyone can provide any tips regarding how All ATPS teaches they would be appreciated. Also, my check ride is schedule with Lou Bernstein out of Scottsdale. I am not familiar with him. If anyone has any info on what types of checkrides he likes to do please send me a private message.

I am planning on doing the 35 hour time build program after my checkride. If anyone has any experience with this as well info would be great.



Dec 10, 2001
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I did my Comm multi at ATP in Phoenix. Know the Seminole Supplement well before you start, especially ATP's procedures. Knowledge of the Garmin 430 would also be helpful. The instructors and aircraft are all excellent, but it's mostly up to you to learn the systems and the procedures. Mr. Bernstein can be quite tough when it comes to multi, his favorite topics are emergency procedures and aircraft systems. I didn't know he did checkrides for ATP but you should do fine as long as you know the procedures. Enjoy, the Seminole is a lot of fun!!


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Nov 25, 2001
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I did the majority of my training at ATPs in Phoenix a few years ago. Pan Am24 is right as far as knowing the training supplement prior to showing up at ATPs. That is very important.

I know Lou Bernstein, and I think you'll enjoy doing your checkride with him. He's very professional and wants you to pass. He does hit hard on emergency procedures. A word of advice; if you do the emergency descent with the gear down, DON'T FORGET TO PUT IT BACK UP. Apparently that's one of the things he fails students on quite a bit. You can just do the emerg. descent with the gear up, and solve that problem, but if I remember right, ATPs teaches you to do it with the gear down.
Lou does hit systems quite a bit, so be able to describe in detail the electrical, gear system, fuel system; know your V speeds, etc.

Good luck with your checkride. You'll do fine, and I think you'll like it at ATPs!