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Alcohol vs. Pilots

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Well-known member
Jan 24, 2002
The post from DeltaCrownRoom (whatever) just got me a little steamed. Broke for dinner but was thinking of all the other professionals that have been in the news lately. A short list:

Well I can't fly because pilots are drinking.

I can't go to church because the priests are going to cop a feel.

I can't ride the light rail in Baltimore because their drivers are coke heads. (News item: Light rail crash at BWI attributed to cocaine use by driver.)

I can't have surgery because the doctor is going to leave me cut open while he grabs lunch and does his banking down the street.

I can't trust the police because they'll most likely slam my head against the hood of my car.

I can't trust my accountant because he seems to make $8 billion mistakes.

I can't trust the phone company because the CEO is asking the accountants to fudge the books by $8 billion.

I can't trust the teachers at school because they all seem to want to have sex with the kids.

I can't trust the teenagers at school because they all want to kill people.

I can't trust the lawyers because .... hey wait a second.... I never did trust them.

Just a little reality check of what the media does to every profession out there!
Very well said.

Don't forget about people on the internet; they're just looking for porn.
This one is off the top of my head, but does anyone remember when Howard Cosell showed up for Monday night football with a snoot full? Roone Arledge threw him off the air for the second half. OK, you'll have to be pretty old to remember that one. Even media guys have feet of clay.
I don't recall the year, but I think it was in Philadelphia.

I remember the local sports guy, Stan Hochman, had a field day in the Daily News.

Howard was snookered.
Man, I just went to the trouble of replying to the last thread and I found this one. Tarp, we thought almost the exact same thing. Are you me?
RightBettor said:
Hey Typhoon1244, there's porn on the internet?!?

Well, that's what I've heard, although I've never actually seen any. Apparently, back when Al Gore invented the internet, he allotted a certain number of gigabytes for bestiality and "facials," whatever those are...
can't go to church(if you're catholic) because the preists seem to be a little "touchy."

Had to throw that one out there.

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