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Alaska Silver Bullet

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No Rule

As far as I know there is no rule regarding how long a pilot has to be on board before he / she can recommend a friend with a "silver bullet" (I prefer to call it a wooden stake - but it didn't catch on...)
I believe a new hire can do it - the question is - will he? I think you would be hard pressed to find a guy on probation who is willing to "put his name on the line" for a friend.
The company takes this silver bullet thing seriously. They want us to recommend the best of the best of the best -sir!
The system is well grounded in the good ol boy network - but it works well for Alaska.
Unfortunately the HR department still goes to these air fair deals on the east coast from time to time, then they hire some pilots who will usually leave at the first available chance - since they were born and bred on the right coast. For the most part though HR has it pretty well figured out - hire Left Coast people or Alaskans and you will have a long term employee.
Good luck to you.
I am on my way to Cold Bay on Wednesday. I havn't been to that part of Alaska since 1984, looking forward to it. Alaska can hire me and I'll stick it out with them to the bitter end. The only reason that I am not in Alaska now is that my wife didn't like living 400 miles from the nearest road. I really don't like ANC it is just like living here in the lower 48.

I've always heard that the best thing about Anchorage is that it's only two hours from Alaska.


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