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Alaska Pilots: Question?

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Well-known member
Mar 24, 2005
Congrats on a new TA! Hopefully the TA, or a revised version will work for the pilot group shortly.

Sorry, no question about TA or flying, just FISHING! Could some of you Alaska salmon fisherman share some economical ideas of filling freezers with salmon/halibut fillets?

I have heard of the fly to ANC, rent an RV or beauty van and head to the Kenai second week of July for reds. Combat fishing extreme...are there other ideas where you could take the kids for shore fishing excursions? If two-hopping home, do you FedEx fish with airline discount?

Thanks for all info provided!
Head up to a place called Sourdough. It's an 8 hour drive from ANC and the scenery is amazing. It's on the old Richardson hwy north of Glenallen. Take a boat upstream on the Gulkana river and get some good salmon fishing. Then drift back to town and drop in an ultra lite rod and fish for trout. Used to do it as a kid all the time.

Also saw that they are restricting fishing for salmon on the Yukon this year to commercial and subsistence. Lame.
I'm no local expert but I've always limited out in Sitka. Check out the fish and game website. Somewhere on there you can get fish counts by location. Sitka seems to always be in the top few places. Saw lots of killer whale pods last time I was there. It's cool to see but nothing kills the salmon fishing faster than a pod of orcas cruising by.

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