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Alaska Peninsula

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I fLy pLaNeS

Living an Honest Life
Nov 16, 2003
Looking for some first-hand information on operating around the Alaska Peninsula area. I've done my book work, but am after actual experiences. Airports would be Kodiak, Cold Bay, King Salmon, Dillingham, and over to Bethel.

Really interested in any lodging and rental car issues, Jet A availability issues and airport facilities, air traffic issues, summer maritime weather (approach) difficulties, or anything else that may be beneficial to know prior to flying in this area. Looking for problems that you may have run into.

Thanks in advance!:D
I fly into Kodiak every day and its an easy approach to fly, but the minimums are high, even for the special approaches. You won't know till the day you leave what the weather will be like there. On any given day I'd estimate you have a 75% chance of making it in on the regular ILS, probably 90-95% for the Special ILS.

Servant Air is the place we use there, usually plenty of ramp space and they have a Jet A Truck. Good people workin there.
i don't think they have rental cars in cold bay. i've spent a few overnights there, and there was only one place to stay. a bed and breakfast kind of thing ran by a nice lady who makes everyone breakfast in the morning. you can walk the entire town in a few minutes, but she lent us a pick-up to drive around the rest of the island so we could watch bears when we got fed up with the one restaurant/bar.

pm me if you have more specific questions.

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