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Alaska/Horizon pilots...leather jacket question

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It's pronounced Doo-MAH
Aug 22, 2005
So when I was at Emery we had a special deal with San Diego Leather for bomber jackets at a really good price. Unfortunately I never bought one while I was there, and then the company took a dump on us. Now that I am solvent again, I am thinking of getting a jacket. The "CP1" jacket on SLC's web site says it was "designed in conjuction with Alaska Airlines pilots..." Is this the uniform leather jacket that you Alaska/Horizon guys (or girls) are authorized to wear? Do you like them? Do they hold up? Are they warm? Etc.? I don't feel like spending a minor fortune on a lousy jacket. Thanks for any info.

Save your money. This jacket is almost $400 and is not a quality product. The collar stains your white shirt collars black (we've had numerous pilots with this complaint) and the deer skin gets scuffed up quite easily. I've also had to restitch the pocket linings several times and the band/cuff fabric deteriorates quickly. I would prefer good ol' cow hide to this thing. It is warm if you get the thinsulate liner, though. I've sent it back for a new collar and had it professionally sealed and cleaned, but my shirt collars still get dyed black. I guess that's why they made flying scarves, but I'm not that big of a tool (though others may argue that point!).
Leather Jackets

These aren't the Horizon Jackets but you might what to check this site out for a leather Jacket. airbornleather.com. I just got an A-1 from them. It does not come w/ a heavy winter liner but for $60. its will be a good fall/spring coat. I don't think it is made of cattle leather. Its probably goat. For the price...it seems a good jacket.

Also check oxfordleather.com. For about $150-200 you can get a nice/heavier jacket. A few fella's I work w/ have and like them. I think they are out of S. Korea and like I said, everyone seems happy with them.


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