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Alaska Classes

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The next class starts Aug. 5th.
There should be one class a month through next spring. The class sizes have been about 6 to 8. The last I heard there were still about 70 some people on the call list.
Good Luck...
I'm actually in the October 7th class. I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who uses the board that is in the same boat. Thanks for the reply

Just curious, when did you interview and did you take the first available class when the call came? How long was your silver-bullet in the system prior to interview? I'm hoping to get the call for an interview soon.

Good luck!
I interviewed on 19/20 June. The silver bullet went in last summer and I was called at the end of May. I took the first class she offered me. From what I hear their classes are full through November, but I know a couple people that are interviewing in August. Good luck.
I had my "stuff" in UPAS since Feb '02, interviewed 6&7 June, and in the 9 Sep class. Anyone else in this class? Otherwise, see ya in Seattle!!!
Alaska Class Breakdown

Here is the breakdown of the August 5th class at Alaska.

10 total

5 military & 5 Regional Captains

Oldest is 47 and the youngest is 27

6 737 slots (5 SEA & 1 LAX)

4 MD 80 slots (3 SEA & 1 LAX)

Many more classes to follow. There may be another bid coming out in a couple of months for mid spring to summer.

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