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Alaska Airlines Assistant Dispatcher

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Well-known member
Feb 24, 2006

Assistant Dispatcher

Primary Location
SEA - Seattle


Full or Part Time

Job Description

REPORTS TO: Manager, Dispatch & Meteorology

Location: Seattle, WA

* Temporary 1 year assignment


- Provide clerical assistance to Dispatchers on duty.

- Monitor dispatch systems for proper functionality and accurate data.

- When directed, issue timely information to stations and other

departments, through available communications systems (FLIFO),

concerning release preparation, fuel loads, passenger information,

aircraft assignment and substitutions, delays, cancellations,

unscheduled landings, diversions, and overflies.

- Plot and send adverse weather information to appropriate stations.

- Maintain weather data as required, including Field and Facilities,

FDC NOTAMs, Turbulence Plots, and PIREPS.

- Ensure all office manuals are updated and current including, takeoff

and landing data, MEL/CDL, Jeppesen, Flight Operations Manuals,

Company Flight Manual, and Dispatch Policy and Procedures


- Collect, store and audit daily flight paperwork.

- Order office supplies

- Assume the duties of a Dispatcher when directed by Chief

Dispatcher or Manager Dispatch and Meteorology, act as


- Other duties as assigned by Dispatcher, Chief Dispatcher, and/or

Manager Dispatch.


- Possess a valid FAA Aircraft Dispatcher's Certificate.

- Successfully pass all ground/flight training requirements and level

of proficiency for Dispatchers as specified in the Company Training



FAA Dispatcher Certificate

Equal Opportunity Employer
It says it's a temporary one year position....I certainly hope this means that it's only temporary from a standpoint that you're an assistant for only 1 year before being able to move up to full blown dispatcher?
A dispatcher in on a temporary leave of absence to work for TWU international. It will probably turn into a full time position for him but as of this time it is just temporary. You will be on probation for a year and will most likely be an assistant longer. There is no difference on pay between assistant and dispatcher and you will work a good mix of dispatch shifts and assistant shifts. Starting pay is approximately $20 for the first 6 months.
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Well worth the chance. Even if you are only there for a year you have your foot in the door and when they hire full time they will remember you if they have to lay you off.
I guess that's ok if you're single, or currently out of work.....but to leave a steady dispatch job and move your family across the United States for a position that will only last a year? I honestly thought the *temporary* thing might have just meant you would only be an assistant temporarily before moving up to a full blown dispatcher. Seems odd that an airline would post a temp job......I'd expect that out of a government job posting, but not an airline. Too risky.....damn....it's a shame. The idea of living in Seattle really excited me.
You never know what the economy will look like in a year and if the union guy did come back we might be hiring so you would stay on. I would guess there is a 95% chance he isn't coming back but I understand that there is a risk and would be hard to give up a good job.
So what does it look like overall at Alaska for future hiring? I ask because I never see postings for you guys. That's why I was so excited when I saw this one. How do you like the company and living in Seattle overall? Are you originally from Seattle?
If Alaska Airlines dispatchers are represented by the TWU, the standard pay for assistant dispatchers is 73% of what a dispatcher receives.
There isn't a lot of turnover and the company is pretty conservative on growth. I like the Alaska and I think we are a strong company and have been making good business decisions. I love Seattle but I am from here but the cost of living is higher and some people don't like the weather. We have mild wet winters and beautiful high 70's summers. Yes we are represented by the TWU and like I said assistants make the same as dispatcher's. We voted out the 73%.

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