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Alaska Air Lines Pay and Benefits

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Nov 26, 2001
Would someone be so kind as to make me smart on Alaska Airlines pay (new contract adjustment, etc.) and benefits, to include retirements, insurance, and types of passes (ID 95s parents, in-laws, buddy).

Also, is there any new word on when they will get their training program up and running again for new-hires?

Many Thanks
Current AS rates:


1: 48.12/hr
2: 84.40
3. 102.79
4. 108.64

11: 181.95

Rates as of May 2004:


1: 52.05
2: 91.29
3: 111.18


11: 196.80

All A/C: B-737s and MD-80s
Reserve Guarantee 76-79hrs/month
Monthly max for line holders/bank 85-88hrs/mo
5 Pilot bases: ANC 737-200, SEA and LAX 737-400/700/900
SEA and LAX MD-80

Hope that helps.
I have found the information on Air Inc to be poor at best. It is rarely updated and usually outdated. My recommendation is to get info from company employees.

Madison 2

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