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Akron-Canton Ohio, places to go??

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The proud, the few
Jun 26, 2004
Hey guys,

I’ll be in the Akron-Canton area next week and will be looking for things to do in the evening. Any recommended places to go for dinner, drinks, etc? I’ll have a full day on Friday, so I’d be up for anything worth checking out then too. Thanks!
I've heard there's a great museum right at CAK, but I can't be sure...never been there.

Try the Pro Football Hall Of Fame if you're into that. It's a decent way to spend a few hours. Some good golf courses in the area if you do that...

Just depends on what you want to do.

For night life, you'd have to ask someone else. I'm not allowed to drink since my last "episode".

That museum is MAPS (Military Air Preservation Society). You should definately check it out. You can walk around the hangar and look at all the restoration work they're doing.
Jim_CAK said:
wxr - I am not sure if I missed your visit - but the 356th fighter group restaurant is on the grounds at CAK. It is a WWII era restaurant. Not bad. Definitely check out MAPS. [url="http://www.mapsairmuseum.org/"]http://www.mapsairmuseum.org/[/url]


Too late on the msg but I went there anyway :D . I was there for Tues all you can eat crab legs. I also made it too MAPS and had an awesome personalized tour from Richard. Very cool place! I also talked my co-worker into doing a tandem skydive out of the grass strip Barber airport (Alliance) out of the seasonal king air (he didn't need much persuasion!). Awesome time, I really enjoyed it out there. The people in Ohio are good folks. MUCH nicer than south Floridians (what a surprise!).

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