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New member
Nov 26, 2001
Looking for information about the payscale and retirement plan at Airtran. If anyone could give me the basics it would be greatly appreciated. (1st/2nd yr fo,3rd yr cpt,10yr cpt,15yr cpt). Does your pilot group have a company funded retirement, if so, what are the contributions. Good insurance? 401K? Stock options or discounts? Thanks in advance for any information.
Pilots at AirTran are paid by a combination of hourly pay and yearly stock options. No pay difference between the B717 and DC-9.

If hired today, first year F/O's are in the mid to upper 30's, second year you'll be in the 50's and third year F/O's will be in the low 60's. The last DC9 and B717 upgrade classes went to F/O's with 15-17 months senority so you may not even see third year F/O pay.

Captain pay, if hired today, runs from the low $100's to $150something after 12 years.

If the upgrade rate continues like it has been for the almost 4 years I've been here, you'll make six figures in your third year.

Retirement is a combination of stock options, 401(k) and company paid B-Fund.

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