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Living The Dream!
Apr 29, 2002
I noticed that AirTran is holding a job fair in ATL this weekend. They are interviewing pilots. I have been giving some thought to going to AirTran. Does anybody have any info on their hiring process?
Last I heard was that we are not hiring until this fall sometime. They might be starting to interview though. The process is pretty standard. 15 minute sim check that includes takeoff, fly around the pattern the a raw data ILS. There is also about a 20 minute interview with a line pilot and an HR rep.
Hey Doug,

Where did you fly the CL 65? I heard there were some ex-Midway folks at AirTran and I just wondered if you might be one of them.

Hey Sleepy,

Going to the jobfair will probably be your best chans to land a interview at AirTran unless you know some people on the inside to write you some recommendations. We are not interviewing right now but this is your chans to show yourself looking sharp. Your totaltime is just right and if you have 1000+ PIC turbin your name should be in the hat when we start calling people for interview. Our hiring people really like people that show that they really want to work here. I've been hear 1 1/2 years, is a DC-9 captain and loving it. Good luck!
I spoke with Jill Nidiffer (HR lady) in ATL last week. She said hiring will resume in Sept and aprox 40 pilots will be hired this year (could be slightly more/less).
I've been told there are approximately 35 pilots in a pool awaiting class. I wonder does this mean 40 addtional pilots, or does that number of 40 include these pilots in the pool?
Do you think it would be better to just walk a resume in to your ATL Chief Pilot? I fly out of the C concourse. I don't know anybody that flys for AirTran.
Walking a resume in to the Director of flying (chief pilot) will not help at all. They are out of the loop on hiring, and don't want to touch the resumes. Your best bet is going through HR.
Jill said about 40 more pilots, I assume that means total.

I should have asked if hiring will continue into next year.

Managements plans change often so standby for changes.

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