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Dec 15, 2001
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Anyone have an idea on Airtrans' hiring projections?


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Mar 21, 2002
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Fri, Apr 05 2002
AirTran Suspends Hiring Until September
AirTran Airways has announced it has suspended new pilot hiring until September due to the carrier's transition from the DC-9 to the Boeing B-717. The carrier will continue to accept résumés.
Posted 4/5/2002 11:38 AM

Ty Webb

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Dec 10, 2001
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Where did this come from? I would question its accuracy, especially since the 9's were supposed to be going away in the 3rd and 4th qtr.

I had heard that hiring was going to resume in the 2d quarter, that it had been reduced by two factors-

1) ATL sim down to get Level D certification- since May recurrent rides are scheduled for ATL, looks like that will be finished soon.

2) A desire not to have too much of the training costs for the year apper in the first and second quarter, when we are trying to get back to profitability ASAP.

I also had (C.O.O./Pres) Bob Fornaro on board last week; he mentioned that pilot hiring would begin again "pretty soon", whatever that means.

Anyway, nothing to bank on, and things do change here day to day, so don't get discouraged, and hang in there. It took me almost two years' of trying to get here, but it has been great and well worth it for me.

Good luck to all!
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