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Active member
Nov 29, 2001
I have heard some rumors that AirTran is going to have a northern domocile in IAD or BWI. Also has anyone heard of any new cities they intend to serve.
BWI-ROC will be starting sometime in March. A wise move, as pre-9/11 fares in ROC were pretty rediculous.

I don't know about BWI becoming a domicile, though. SW has a pretty big presence there. As well as USAir, which has the east covered quite well.
I would beg to differ. USA is practically dead at BWI. Express is at their normal schedule from what I can tell.

I was just through BWI yesterday. There had to have been 8-10 or more US gates on the south side of their terminal that were empty and had no ground equipment anywhere to be seen! Place is a ghost town on the US side. US has pulled the plug on Metrojunk and BWI in general!

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