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Dec 2, 2001
Is the interview process the same as it was before at Airtran?
I heard there is now a 3 step interview process. Chief pilot, HR ans Assistant C.P. Also besides will fly for food is there any new gouge on airtran? Did someone interview lately. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also what are the new hires going into DC-9 or 717.Thanks
The interview hasn't changed much.

Interview is at the AirInc facility in Atlanta. Company info briefing followed by two/three seperate interviews by HR and check airman. VERY basic and easygoing. A sim check in some P.O.S. desktop simulator set up like an MD-80.

Newhires are going into both aircraft, some classes go into only one type while others are split. You can bid for equpt based on senority within your class (age).

Use the search function to read more airtran info.

Happy Flying

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