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AirTran - Tropical Diver Exhibit

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Dec 21, 2001
Anyone who has not made it to the ATL Aquarium is missing out. The first exhibit on the right as you enter is AirTran's Tropical Diver exhibit with re-creates a living Pacific Coral Reef, all the way down to the "gardening eels" which pop in and out of their holes while watching the action above. They have a good collection of Jellyfish and a very large wave tank, which is one of the World's largest. The exhibit is very well designed for just relaxing and spending time taking it all in. It handles large crowds better than some of the other exhibits and I'm guessing nearly 1,000 people were relaxing and enjoying the the reef. Kids were going crazy alsong the wall identifying "Nemo" and all of the other species made famous from the movie. The display is hugely interactive with touch screens delivering information for the curious. Imagine a living IMAX screen, but about 300 to 400% larger....

To everyone at AirTran who helped sponsor this exhibit - Thank You. Your gift will be appreciated by people from all over the Planet, particularly those of us who can now say we are "lucky" enough to live near Atlanta.

Given the choice, I think most people who visit will go out of their way to support the Companies that did so much to make the Aquarium a success. This is more than mere marketing, this is corporate citizenship. Thank you!
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You know, I was thinking of visiting this family-oriented attraction which I'm sure is nothing short of spectacular. Then I happened upon BET on the television set. The program was a rap music show being hosted at the aquarium by some of ATL's biggest thugs. Gangsta rappers- one of whom was just "out of jail" according to his co-host.

Is this the vison Bernie Marcus or AirTran shelled out all that dough to realize? I'm disgusted that this nice addition to downtown Atlanta has already endorsed the "Dirty South" mentality of thuggery. I hate tha ATL. But thanks AirTran, nonetheless, as Fins said already.

Peace out-
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