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AirTran questionjs???-------HELP

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Active member
Dec 15, 2001
Hi guys.......first time posting, so pleze bear with me.

Does anyone know the hiring situation at AirTran???

I am a former DC-9 driver, and looking to leave my whale/747 cargo job and the extremely long duty days/ travel sickness/gun running etc. and decripit maintenance for some domestic flying with a up and coming carrier.

Is there a training contract/bond?? Pilot domiciles? starting pay? guarantee/trip-duty rig??, time to upgrade to Captain?? Chief Pilots/employment decision makers name? fax number? where is training held? What is going on in expansion??? I am a northern Florida resident....can you commute??

Please post a reply/private message on this domain or you may email me at ......
[email protected]

To everyone that reads and answers, Happy Holidays!!!!!. Maybe we will fly together some day.

Thanks for the assistance
They used to make you sign a 2 year training contract, but I think they have stopped.

As far as hiring, I know there were 48 717 vacancies for Jan, and 22 717 and 20 DC-9 vacancies for February. All of these vacancies are going to be filled by new hires. Vacancy notices have not been posted past February class dates.

All pilots are based in ATL, with a 70 hour guarantee. Reserve guarantees 10 days off, lineholders 12.

Current upgrade time is about 18 months. Some of the last upgrades went as low as 14 months, but I think that was people just waiting out the holidays.

Trip rig is 1 hour of pay for every 3.5 hours away from base.

Duty rig is 1 hour of pay for every 2.5 hours on duty.

Per diem is $1.75/ hour on duty.

Fo Pay rates are as folows:

year 1 =35.50
2= 45.00
3= 48.00

On april 1, contract pay rates go up, they will then be:

year 1= 37.50

Captain rates after April 1, 2002 are as follows:

Years of service with the company/ hourly pay rate


As for commuting, at least half the pilots commute. Schedules vary, some months very good, some bad, but in general it is a pretty easy commute, especially form North FLA, we fly to PEN, JAX, TAL, MCO, & TPA, so at least you would commute on your own airline.

Expansion, well, no one realy knows. We are still getting 1 717 a month, currently we have 30 717's and 32 dc-9's. We have added lots of flying, and mgmt says they are still planning on 15% asm growth for 2002. Who knows.

Apply at airtran.com

VP of Flight op's makes final decision, Mr. K. Goersch

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