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airtran question

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restraint order pending
Dec 23, 2001
Hi all:
I am furloughed from a 121 carrier. I am 27. I have 2200 total and 850 mulit, with 350 of that turbine 121 SIC. I also just completed the Captain program and got my ATP and type rating on the Be1900. What are the chances of getting on at Airtran? I would be willing to give up my seniority for a job. I saw on their website they want 2500tt and 200 multi. am short the tt but have more multi, some turbine, and the ATP. Any information would be great. Also, who else might hire me? thanks again
Maybe try Comair - I would imagine Airtran will stick by their minimums right now with the glut of available pilots AND short upgrade time. Best wishes and Happy New Year! HF
Never say never, but I would be very surprised if you were to get an interview right now with your present times/experience. We had over 5000 resumes on file back in Nov., no idea how many right now.

In my class a few months ago, I was probably near the botom, with 3200/1300jet/600 jet PIC.

In my class, everyone had pretty substantial jet or t-prop PIC time. in fact, nearly everyone was a 121 or 135 jet PIC, except for one guy who did not have any 121 PIC time, but he had quite a bit of time in the CRJ and some pretty strong internal recommendations.

I would try to get as much turbine PIC as you can right now, so that when hiring starts up again, you will be ready- have you considered a freight place or some other B1900 operator? I would go to http://raa.org and look in their directory for B1900 operators and approach it from that direction . . . . .

Good Luck

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