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AirTran Pilot rec. question?

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Well-known member
Dec 2, 2001
Alright, I know this may sound crazy, but please, flamethrowers, have mercy.

First, I know there are a lot of people in line for and interview, and a class date at AirTran, and that hirinig has slowed down to a crawl, BUT, I have decided that I really want to pursue AirTran as a final destination on the career path(AirTran for a variety of reasons) and want to get the ball rolling now. With that in mind, and given that people have written a lot about what makes someone competitive there. I'd like some advice from AirTran folks on what I should do next.

Should I, A. Go ahead and send in my stuff and then try and find someone to write a LOR from inside or, B. Should I JS to Atlanta and try and speak with a Captain or two about possibly getting my stuff into the right hands and THEN send it in, or C. JS down to MCO and walk it in to recruitment. Also, I have around 1500 PIC Jet but it's not 121 PIC jet, however, I do have 121 time from American Eagle and the company I currently with. With all the furloughees out there, am I even in the ball park and are there any other suggestions on how to go about the LOR thing? I began making a few calls today.

I know it all takes time, but I do want to get it started.

Thanks in advance.
If you are as serious as you say, I'd go with "D", all of the above. The more interest you show and the more people that get to know you, the better chance you'll have. Airtran is a great place to be, the flying and the people are great, and the contract is nothing to sneeze at either! Keep plugging away, and good luck.

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