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Airtran Parking? New Bases? 737?

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Well-known member
Oct 18, 2005
Do they have any provision for parking away from ATL. How about MDW? Even if you have to pay. And of course, where is the new pilot base going. Again, MDW? Lastly, are the 737 lines getting more commutable, will upgrade be longer in this A/C? See ya'll next week.
Yes. Yes. No one knows and it may be "virtual". Don't know much about the 737 lines and upgrade. Welcome!
Airtran reimburses $18/month for parking if you don't use the ATL lot.

737 lines have been commutable for most of the time it's been on the line, depending where you fly from. I commute from TPA and have no crashpad. I average less than 2 nights a month in a hotel.

Upgrade is hard to guess. Some months the 737 goes junior, next month a group of senior guys come over. I keep telling the senior guys that they wouldn't like it compared to the 717. Lotsa switches here, lotsa twistin', turnin', and tunin';) .
upgrade time

Just talked to an AirTran FO tonight on the commute home, she is going to 737 upgrade this month and was hired Feb 2003.

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